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Birmingham City Football Club must be sold by its current owners NOW!

See below for the reasons why!



Birmingham City is being destroyed by its current owners – Action must be taken to stop this and we must not give up on our Blues


The photo at the top of this page is of St Andrew’s when the Golds and Sullivan bought the club in the 90s – It’s there because it is a metaphor for the current state of BCFC……an epitome of decay!


Blues fans please read on but first and foremost if anyone from Birmingham International Holdings Ltd (BIHL) reads this blog…please take this message on board for the sake of the club and its loyal fans.




What is Birmingham City Football Club all about – its history and its fans?


Birmingham City Football Club has a long 138 year history, formed as Small Heath Alliance in September 1875 when Victoria was Queen of an Empire, Benjamin Disreali was the Prime Minister and the population of Birmingham stood at less than 500,000 brummies.


The club has proudly carried the name of the UK’s second city since 1 August 1905 when Small Heath became Birmingham and then, in 1943, Birmingham City Football Club.


This long history has not exactly been littered with trophies but once in a while the club surprises its fans with a cup trophy or a league title, though never the top accolade in either league or cup competitions. However despite this Blues has a passionate following that may fall off in lean times but NEVER desserts the football club entirely.


As the club song, Keep Right On, declares – “There’ll be Joys and Sorrows” and most Blues’ fans have had regular doses of sorrows with the odd spate of joy inter-dispersed to keep us going. In particular this fan can remember the golden, or “Trevor Francis”, years under the leadership of Freddie Goodwin from 1971 – 75 and then more recently the “Premiership Years” from 2002 to 2011 which included the recent 2011 League Cup triumph over the mighty Arsenal.


Though May 2011, when Blues played their last FA Premier League (PL) game to date, was only 29 months ago as I write this, Blues’ demise since relegation day can only be described as catastrophic, as the club has descended from League Cup winners and PL members to also rans in the Championship in danger of relegation in the 2013-14 season to League One.


As already alluded to Blues have never had an easy ride throughout their 138 years but the current situation that the proud club finds itself in is shocking and could result in its annihilation.


I am worried and so are thousands of other Bluenoses


Blues’ current plight


The ink is drying on this text just over 24 hours after Blues record a thumping home win against Sheffield Wednesday but oddly the very nature of that win, only the second this season and the first at home, underlines the club’s problems.


The exodus of star players from Blues started as soon as relegation was confirmed in 2011 but this close season two more players exited the club for fees that looked well short of a reasonable valuation. Indeed one of them, Nathan Redmond, is currently starring in the Norwich side and looks a certainty for an England call up. His fee? Just £2-3M for a 19 year old with a sparkling future ahead of him. A fire sale to keep the club propped up financially was undeniable.


The club has been left with few star players and even those may leave through the loan system before that particular window closes. In effect Birmingham City Football Club has been left with a team which manager Lee Clark will struggle to keep afloat above the relegation zone.


This explains my assertion that Saturday’s 4-1 victory in which Jesse Lingard, only brought in on a youth loan a few days earlier, waltzed straight into the team and scored all four goals, underlines Blues’ problems. There are few teams even in the Championship that would put even a Manchester United loanee youth player with absolutely no first team action of any sort, straight into the team. The team has been so weakened as a result of the financial problems that this was the only option to the manager. It worked but clearly betrays real problems at the heart of the club, not least the dire financial situation.


It appears inevitable to me that Blues will die a long drawn out death unless something happens quickly.


Who is responsible for this debacle?


It is clear that the current owner, even if he meant well at the start, has not been able to see his vision through. This has been partly due to his ongoing court case in Hong Kong but it must also be said that despite overseeing the club to its first major trophy for 50 years, there appeared never to be a clear long term strategy. As a consequence when the going got tough there was no plan B and the fall has been steep and alarming.


What do we, the fans, do?


Many Bluenoses feel that they are powerless to do anything and so must await the second coming of wealthy owners with a plan to re-birth the Blues in a timescale dictated by BIHL. There have been many rumours of a takeover but to date all these have been only rumour and lacked any substance.


In the meantime the fall continues apace. Home attendances are amongst the smallest in the league, eclipsed on Saturday by those of Charlton and Blackpool, and the mood at St Andrew’s is depressing and a pale imitation of that which created the cracking atmosphere of those heady days of mid-table Premier League security.


I am not prepared to see the club I have supported since 1967 fall away like this without a fight and so, through this site, I urge all Bluenoses to campaign for a change.


The current owners must relinquish charge over this club NOW even if this means BIHL losing money. Let’s face it – that’s business and is entirely BIHL’s fault resulting as it has from extremely poor stewardship of a club in good health when the previous owners left.


Birmingham City Football Club and its supporters are a community established and developed over 138 years and that community wants change…….and wants it now!


I urge all Bluenoses not to give up and just accept the current situation but to fight it in whatever way they see best although we should not boycott matches as the team needs our support in its hour of need.


So what can we do?


It is clear to me that we need to withdraw support for the current owners to show them how we feel and to voice our displeasure at every opportunity, so here are some thoughts;


Stop buying merchandise which simply goes to sustaining this folly


Stop buying food and drinks at match days for the same reason


Don’t buy the match day programme, support independent publications instead

Don’t do any corporate events – true blooded bluenose businesses should boycott match deals and just pay at the gate


In other words let’s simply do the minimum to support the team whilst cutting off funds to sustain the owners who appear to care nothing of this football club and its supporters!


In terms of voicing displeasure we should consider;


Competing with club information or marketing at matches with a suitable song to show how we care about the club but have little time for its owners

Gathering peacefully outside the Kop stand prior to each home game as a show of force

Writing emails and letters and sending texts to those responsible for this terrible debacle regularly and in volume

Supporting the Blues Trust’s campaign to make St Andrews a community asset and petition the City Council to ensure this takes effect in October 2013

Keeping the pressure on the local media to investigate BIHL dealings vigorously

Supporting Margaret Decker’s German Flag style scarf campaign and wearing it to all matches




We can make a difference as fans. We make it when we support the team at games and we can through a campaign of “civil disobedience” as it may be called. BIHL, are I believe, thumbing their collective nose to the fans and its time we did the same back!


Please leave a response to this campaign whether you support it or not. If you support it let’s think of what more we can do to hasten the club’s sale in a peaceful, but resolute, manner. If you don’t support it tell what your answer would be, if any.


I believe, however, that it is only together that will we come through this wretched time with a club with any prospect of regaining its top 20 status any time soon.


It’s time to act, let’s do it!!!



September 2013

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